The Uganda Bureau of Statistics (“UBOS”) is an agency of the government of Uganda. Formed by an Act of Parliament in 1998, the agency is mandated to “coordinate, monitor and supervise Uganda’s National Statistical System.

    UBOS is among the government and private agencies insured by IML for the last 3 years and its on this ground that they entrusted us to take care of the health for the AFCAS delegates for a period of five days.

    The delegates involved were officials from different African states, FAO, and other government agricultural organisations such as NARO.

    The activity took place between 13/11/2017 up to 17/11/2017 at Imperial botanical beach hotel in Entebbe

    IML Officers Involved

    1. Dr Rudasingwa Vincent(Team Leader UBOS mobile clinic)
    2. Mr Israeli Mwebesa(Coordinator)
    3. Miss Kiiza Maria Gorret(Nurse)


    1. To handle any emergencies which may arise
    2. To give health information to those in need
    3. To refer and follow up severe emergencies should they arise.
    4. To ensure quick evacuation of any emergency which may need to be handled at hospital level

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