• IML sensitizes QPS staff about medical insurance

    By: Ainamani Bernard of IML
    IML QPS Training

    The sender of a message always imparts a meaning in that message.
    If it is well written, it may deliver the message, when explained it fully delivers the message. This is why IML finds it of great value to take our clients through their insurance packages just before they begin to use the scheme.

    Fiona of the marketing team alongside Dr. Ainomugisha & Bernard did this to our newly signed up clients of QPS in the comfort of their work desks on Monday the 28th of April 2014.

    The definition and basic understanding of insurance, benefits / privileges and service provider network was well elaborated by Dr. Ainomugisha and this was summed up with questions and comments from the entire team. The issue of fully filling out claim forms & walking home with your copy; choosing health facilities wisely, engaging the health care workers to explain to them the whole process of their care .e.g. laboratory tests, drugs among others were emphasized.

    Some questions like the following were answred:
    QN 1: if one is sick and they are not close to the supposed service providers, can they go to the nearest facility and the bill gets cleared by the insurance company?
    QN 2: how can you ensure promptness of care in the big facilities as it is the norm to take a very sick patient but spend 2 to 6 hours waiting for the first intervention?
    QN 3: what happens when you don’t fall sick at all? Is your money transferred to the next year or refunded?
    For more answers to similar questions please click on FAQs

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