• How do I know the doctor that can help with my problem?

    There is a resident medical officer at IML who discusses with you to find out exactly what problem you have and will then assist you to make an appointment for you with the appropriate specialist for your condition.

  • Are these specialist doctors at your offices?

    No, IML only links but doesn’t treat. So after assessment by the IML doctor, an appointment is made for you and you go & see the specialist at the most convenient health facility where they are attached.

  • Can you assist someone who is in urgent need to go abroad but doesn’t have enough money?

    Yes, on discussion with IML, and after being able to raise a particular percentage, IML can assist you to access treatment across the globe at a subsidized cost or an a loan basis (financial bridging)

  • How can we trust these abroad hospitals?

    IML has established contacts with only the best & most reliable world class health facilities, Memorandums of Understanding (contracts) signed with them so our clients can be assured of quality services that they will receive. Even when there is a complaint about poor service delivery, a complaint resolution mechanism between IML and the Hospital abroad has been established.

  • What is medical tourism?

    Medical tourism or health tourism or medical travel, describes a growing trend where people choose to travel to the international locations to receive the best and most affordable medical, dental, and surgical care. In 2005, according to the national coalition on healthcare, more than 500000 USA residents traveled abroad for medical or dental treatment. According to CNN health more than 750000 people traveled for healthcare in 2009 and experts estimate that by 2012, 1.5 million patients will do so. This has been made possibly by the emergence of developing countries as viable world class medical care at lower costs than in Europe and USA.

  • How much is a call or your sms?

    A call to 0902 000 091 is at 450 UGX per unit, SMS to 7444 at 220 UGX and for subscription, text messages will come in at only 150 UGX

  • When I call do I speak to a doctor?

    Yes, when you call in, you will speak to an appropriate medical professional, doctor, clinical officer, counselor, dietician, ..…., according to your need.

  • Are you addressing only health issues in your call centre?

    Yes, IML call centre is meant to shorten the gap between medical professionals and clients by providing a virtual consultation platform and not any other non health related issues.

  • Is what you are offering any different from what I can search on internet?

    Internet offers a lot of information, most of which is correct though some information simply represents indivual views & perceptions and in some literature, the language used is incomprehensible for everyone. Therefore there is need for sieving this information and only delivering the most accurate, relevant and easy to understand which makes IML information unique.

  • What exactly is wellness?

    IML wellness clinic refer to a service devoted to offering health information aimed at promoting healthy living as well as prevention of illness & disease through early screening, general body checkups, home visits & spraying & so much more.

    The wellness clinic can be conducted at the work place or at home depending on one’s convenience.

  • Can I walk into IML office and have screening done?

    Yes, you can walk into the IML office and have screening done. For some of the screening equipment that is not available at the station, you will be guided to our partnering laboratories.

    Upon receiving the results, the IML doctor will discuss them with you and refer you to an appropriate specialist in case there is need.

  • How much is the wellness clinic?

    The cost of the wellness clinic is dependent on a number of factors. Is it for an individual, family, company, social group, church & how many members are in each of these categories.

    Then, with this information, a customized package can be designed for you.

  • Is it possible to access the wellness when I am not on your medical insurance?

    Yes, it is possible to access the wellness clinic separately irrespective of the service provider for your Medical insurance or even when you are not insured.

  • How much is your medical insurance?

    The premium to be paid for our medical insurance depends on various factors:

    Number of people to be insured

    Age range of the people to be insured

    Scope of benefits to the customer chooses

    Our medical insurance is available for all categories of people be a family, community group and company.

    Please fill contact us for a tailor-made package for your convenience.

  • For medical services, am I restricted to your clinics?

    No, IML has not established any clinics to avoid any conflict of interest. We have partnered with over 100 health facilities across Uganda for you to access treatment. The choice is all yours.

  • Do I really need medical Insurance?

    Health insurance is not a luxury it’s a necessity, and every one urgently needs a medical insurance cover. Illness does not warn! In addition, medical emergencies are costly and expensive. If you had a medical emergency with no cover, you could find yourself with a big amount of medical debt. Small medical cases could also turn out to be big ones. When you do not have insurance, you avoid going in and getting treated for the little things. So you truly need medical insurance

  • What is a pre-existing condition?

    A preexisting condition is a medical condition that occurred before you procure medical insurance cover. A pre existing condition can be something as common and as serious as heart disease, high blood pressure, cancer, type 2 diabetes and asthma etc….

  • Where else can one get services outside Kampala?

    IML has over 100 Affiliate Health Service providers, based in all the major towns of Uganda. So you can access services in these centers. A list of these hospitals is available on this website.

  • What are the benefits of procuring medical insurance from IML?

    You do not have to have money on you whenever you or your loved one falls sick or gets a medical emergency such as an accident that need urgent medical or surgical treatment.

    Once you procure IML Medical insurance cover, you have transferred the risk to IML

    You have a variety of hospitals to seek treatment from. You are not restricted where you can seek care from.

    You can access other IML services such as connecting you to specialists in Uganda, call centre and connecting you to hospitals abroad for specialized treatment.


IML has every one in mind and so has designed medical insurance covers to meet your individual or company needs.

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