Welcome to International Medical Link

International Medical Link (IML) U LTD and wellness centre is a private company limited by shares registered in Uganda. It is the first of its kind in Africa and came into being in 2012 to fill the gap in the medical field of care.

IML office is located on plot 107,Buganda Road Behind Wandegeya Police Station on Afri-Courts Building.

It was established by a team of medical and management experts that had travelled around the world in search of solutions to medical problems that afflict a multitude of patients in Uganda and Africa in general. The founders were touched by the huge potential that exists out there in the different fields of medicine. The possibilities offered by the advancement in technology in offering solutions to different ailments afflicting our patients This became the motivation that inspired the founders of IML.

The services offered by IML cover all fields of medicine and surgery. IML does not provide medical treatment but links patients with different ailments to the doctors that have matching skills and expertise. This involves connecting patients to doctors within Uganda and abroad. We at IML believe in One Globe, One Health principle!

We encourage people not to invest in Lifestyle but in life.

Justification for establishing International Medical Link (IML)

IML was established to change the landscape of medical treatment in Uganda and the East African Region. The set up of medical care in Uganda has been organized in such a way that once one feels unwell, he/she visits the nearest health facility or Medical Practitioner as the first line of contact. For some, the treatment is successful and the ailment stops. For others, the treatment is either half successful or wholly unsuccesfull and the patient needs referral to another level. In this situation, the patient moves to the next referral unit, such as district hospital, specialist hospital or clinic. At this level, some patients are treated and get cured while others are not. This group of patients again have to move to the third referral unit, which is usually a regional or national referral hospital or clinic.

All this process is costly in terms of time and money. Worse still, the disease worsens or “grows” during the systematic referral period. The chances of successful cure of some of the disease conditions such as cancers and other chronic non-communicable diseases is heavily dependant on the stage of diagnosis, the quality of investigative facilities and promptness of initiating treatment. For this category of ailments, it is important to reduce the referral steps or the ‘medical red tape’. This will reduce the patient’s suffering, cost of treatment and improve prognosis or ‘cure chances’.

IML will encourage patients and relatives and the first line health providers to make early decisions and ‘move up the ladder’ to specialist doctors who would initiate exhaustive investigations and start treatment early enough to benefit the patient. Clients from across the country can get in touch with IML by telephone, email or by visiting our offices on Plot 107,Buganda Road,Behind Wandegeya Police Station on Afri-Courts Building.

IML will then liase with the specialist and arrange for the patient to move to Kampala or any of the regional centres to be able to meet face to face with the specialist.

Our Vision

Our clients enjoy the best quality and longevity of life

— International Medical Link

Our Mission

To be the preferred provider of affordable and innovative health packages through availing information, preventive, promotive, and insurance services to our esteemed clients in Eastern Africa



To enable clients attain better health and live a well planned life