Medical Insurance

A small proportion of Ugandans are under any medical insurance cover & this poses a great risk since disease can strike anytime irrespective of financial stand. IML has designed medical insurance policies that are perfectly tailored for your needs, the needs of your family and those of your organization.

IML has insurance policies in the following categories:

  • Individuals
  • Family
  • Organizations / Companies
  • Community groups e.g. SACCOs

We offer you a comprehensive cover with a variety of options (PINNACLE, PREMIER, EXECUTIVE , CLASSIC, MILO AND ECONOMY) and the flexibility to add as many extra benefits like home visits, home spraying, wellness activities ( screening, tests, and examinations ) in the respective covers. IML has partnered with various hospitals and other health service providers across the country and abroad which will offer treatment to our clients.
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Service Providers

In the midst of sickness, you need nothing less than a perfect health facility and professionals to attend to you.

IML cannot compromise your health, Clients on IML insurance will be managed at well thought out and up to standard health facilities, pharmacies and laboratories.